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Thank you for popping in and having a stroll through my website. If you are new to the wonderful world of ART BY MARLENE, I would like to take this chance to tell you a little bit more about myself.


I was born and raised in the colorful South Africa. The influence of Africa is still very obvious in my work. I was one of the lucky ones. I had a very loving, creative home and had all the opportunities to develop myself creatively from a very young age.  After my studies, I ventured to Dubai. This was one of the most exciting periods of my life and I look back to it with fond memories. After living in the Middle East for a couple of years, I emigrated to the Netherlands in 2002 after marrying my dutch husband.  Together we have 2 lovely children(a teenager and a young adult).  We live happily in a little touristic, coastal town in the northern part of The Netherlands.

I am a lisenced designer and have designed for the craft industry for a decade. I just love making quirky, colorful designs that people can use as a base in their arts and crafts! Currently, I design the *ART BY MARLENE CRAFT PRODUCTS* exclusively for Studio Light, but I am open to collaborations other than craft supplies. For me working with a company should fit like a glove, that is why I selected to work with Studio Light for the Craft collections. 

My art is meant to  brighten up the darkest  of days.  I try to work in several art styles. I believe that it is part of my creative freedom to explore all styles that I like and that it broadens not only my view of art, but the all over experience too.  I refuse to limit myself to man set borders, like country, polical view,  color, ethnicity, religion or social standing....that I happen to have been born in to. 


My artistic trademark is my use of bright & happy colours, my whimsical style and decorative details in my work.  My art is full of layers, movement, vibrant colors and lots of contrast! Up to the end of 2020 my designs was purely created analog. I have since then started combining analog and with hand drawn digital designs(procreate). Everything I create is still exclusively designed and hand drawn by me.

The best way to describe myself? I think a colorist, mixed media artist, art journaler, all round crafter, mother, wife, daughter, friend and wine/gin lover describes me well.

Having worked exclusively as an acrylic artist for several years before entering the arts & Crafts world, my art can be found in Private collections in England, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Namibie, Kuwait, U.A.E. and Holland. I do not currently accept any commissions.


Until Corona 2020 I did tutor live classes on a weekly base and travel the world to teach with my artsy products. I am also proud to be a guest tutor in several e-courses presently and in the past. The aim is to start teaching internationally again in 2023.




"Putting emotion in to a painting, is what makes a picture, a painting"

Marlene Meijer 2010


'till we meet again...

Blauwe pen
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