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For all questions regarding ART BY MARLENE sales,  distribution, customer service, quality control or service points,  please CLICK HERE to contact the manufacturer, Studio Light BV directly.

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Business registration number:

Julianadorp, The Netherlands

To help you understand the ART BY MARLENE GUIDELINES for selling products (angel policy) made with the ABM designs, I have included the ABM Angel policy.


It boils down to one thing. “You can only use products in the way they were intended for.”

You may not enlarge, shrink or copy images. You can’t use my designs and redraw them as your own, unless it was in the shape of a tutorial in which I taught you to draw-and even then you need to always credit it to the person who taught you.  For the whole policy read below. Hopefully  it helps clear up misunderstandings. 


You are permitted to use ART BY MARLENE images (stamps/die cuts etc) for creating handmade items (max of 20) for for sale. You may sell your handmade items but must not claim the images as your own. 

 Your items for sale must be handmade and not mechanically or mass produced, nor digitally altered. Redrawing original designs does not count as handmade. Crediting  an artist and/or company is always appreciated. The copyrights of these images belong to ART BY MARLENE and may not be sold or redistributed in any form. You may not use ART BY MARLENE images or parts there of for any print on demand services such as Albelli, Cafepress, Hema photoservice or Zazzle, etc. It is NOT permitted to sell or give these images as digital files or printed sheets! Photocopying any of my designs is in breach of copyright.  Please don’t be scared of doing anything wrong. If you use the products as intended  you are doing nothing wrong. Respect the © copyright.

Please enjoy all of the products for the goal they were intented for - crafting up a storm! 





Marlene Meijer

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