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The magic of acrylic layering...

Acrylic layering is a way of painting that I developed through the years, alot of techniques that I have picked up along my artistic journey.....all put together to create a quirky exciting product.

(in my case it is a painting, but you can use this technique in card making, tags, art journaling and even with powertex)

I teach a basic workshop in this technique, not for people to copy my work....but for them to learn the techniques and make it their own. It is all about the layers and the way of application. I believe that every way of applying color (fingers, brushes, sprays, pen, spunges)leaves a footprint on your page, that is what creates the X-factor in your art. The workshop gives you insight in the build up of my paintings , the materials and products that I use and why I use them. This 1 day workshop is not a lesson....but rather an inspirational class, to stimulate the senses and for you to learn how simple art can be....if you let it....

Want to join me in this inspirational workshop? You are welcome! All you need to bring with you are some paint brushes, your hair dryer or heat tool, an apron and an open mind!

Hope to see YOU there!.



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