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It's November! Why does time fly?

I can't actually believe it has been such a long time since I have had time to catch up with you all. This year was a roller coaster with so much happening, from the highest highs, to the lowest lows. In the beginning of the year I had a hand operation with complications that was very painful and caused a lot of delays in my work and to tell you the truth, it scared the hell out of me.

A drawing I made before my hand operation- ART BY MARLENE

I was so happy when I could finally start driving and drawing again. But, it also meant that there was alot of work to be done, since I had fallen behind on almost every single project that I had been working on before the prepping my live classes, workshops, e-courses, design work, creating online content, filming, editing, trainings, blogs, e-mails, website, sample making, studio organisation, creating new work, taking photos, admin, promotions and client contact. It took an enormous amount of work to finally get up to date with my to do list....and that is probably why the year has just flown past!

There has also been some pretty awesome things happening this year!

1. I was a teacher in Art Journal Summer School 2017.

teacher lineup AJSS 2017

2. I have signed 2 licensing contracts with awesome new companies (reveal in 2018)

still a secret

3. My Playful Painting students had their first exhibition ever. (I am so proud of them)

Jet en Eef , the entertainment at the opening of the exhibition

4. Started as Signature designer for Badass Stamp Studio membership with my artsy fiends, Marieke Blokland and Esther Glass!

Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk, Esther Glass and Marieke Blokland from Badass StampStudio

5. Gave some pretty awesome workshops in the Netherlands

6. Released some awesome new stencils with The Crafter's Workshop

7. My new 'quirky' Artfoamie designs has just been released!

8. I have been asked to teach in Wanderlust 2018.

Wanderlust 2018

9. Taught 120 live classes in 2017.(excluding my day workshops)

10. Being able to work with large wholesalers!

Even though 2017 has been super excited and challenging so far, it is not over just about yet! We all still have some time to get our gears right for the year to come!



Junk Travel Journal Art Journaling class.

In this course we will be using some "junk/found" objects to combine in our quirky handmade art journal, but it will NOT be just sticking and pasting junk!!! This course will be totally dfferent! We will be peeking into the world of bullet journaling and style development. You will develop an own 'journal identity' within the 7 weeks, by following a few steps to discover your own inner creative identity/taste. I will try and help you discover your own style, by digging deep...knowing what you like and dislike, what you dream about and what you dread! However, this will not will NOT be an INTUITIVE course, but purely technique based with some "inner voice" discovery excercises to be able to light that spark of creativity that you already have inside of you.

This course starts in January and I teach this 7 week course 3x a week in Alkmaar and Anna Paulowna. Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening and Friday morning. I a a few spots left.



Well.....I guess I need to say goodbye to ya all! Please know that I appreciate all your support and likes on social media.

Lotsa Love


PS: If you have ever taken one of my classes, workshops or e-course.....bought one of my products and would like to write a small review(including your name) for my website, I would appreciate that so much. You can send the review via my contact page on my website. Thank you in advance for considering.

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