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Say what?? Yes, I am looking for the 5 most dedicated & active creatives to promote ART BY MARLENE for 2019!

What can you expect? +You will receive a fair amount of my products from all the different companies I design for.(for example all of my Signature Collection by Studio Light, Grafix artist line Shrink film, Artfoamies ect.) +You will be part of a small hand picked team of like minded creatives with me as your direct point of contact. +I will offer some brainstorm sessions , to help you think of new innovative projects.

What do I expect from my promo team members? +Be a team player & accept instruction. +ART BY MARLENE should be your "GO2 " brand to work with and your main focus. +Be able to create professional looking video's and post at least 1 on your own youtube channel every month, more is better. +I would like to work with creatives that are very active on social media. Instagram and Facebook is an absolute must. +be active on my facebook group.

How to apply??? Surprise me! Create a project with step by step photo's ór a video using any of my products. Tell me why you would want to be part of my promo team and what you think you will be able to offer. Remember, this will be a fun, exciting experience, but it does bring some amount of responsibility/accountability and you need to be up for it.

email your application before 10 January 2019 to:

Team will be announced on 15 January 2019


I LIVE ABROAD, IS THAT A PROBLEM? No problem! Everyone is welcome to apply.

I DON'T HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT? No problem, as long as you open one. I do prefer that someone already have an active account, but to me, talent and dedication goes first!

I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A DESIGN TEAM/PROMO TEAM. I love fresh talent! It is not your design team/promo team experience that I am after, I am looking for original!

I CAN'T MAKE VIDEO'S, WOULD YOU CONSIDER MY APPLICATION. I will look at all applications and will consider them all. Never say never! Honestly, I am looking for people that can make some drop dead gorgeous content.

I AM ON ANOTHER DESIGN TEAM, DO YOU MIND? I am asking for a design team member that has ART BY MARLENE as their go2 brand and main focus.....I think it depends on how well your other design team activities combine and how much conflict of interest it will cause.

I DON"T HAVE ENOUGH OF YOUR PRODUCTS TO CREATE AN APPLICATION VIDEO, CAN I USE OTHER PRODUCTS? If you can make a project with comparable products, please go ahead! Remember I am looking for someone that can convey the vibe of my designs to the broad public, so for me it is easier to assess when my own products are used.

DO YOU HAVE TIPS AS TO WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? I am looking for fresh ideas & dedicated talent. I am looking for people mainly in the papercraft, scrapbooking, card making, mixed media and art journaling scene. But I am open to surprise! It is important that you can convey the happy, quirky vibe of my designs.


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