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Today I would love to share with you a step-by-step tutorial on my mixed media art. Mixed media covers a very broad variety of styles. You've got art jounaling, 3D mixed media...and you've got the crafters mixed media. What I do is mixed media art. I use my own ideas, my own lay-outs, draw my own pictures and try to keep it fresh and original. I even hand make alot of the stensils and stamps I use. I combine an endless amount of art materials and use some pre made stamps and stencils too...but I guess... to be an artist is to try and be 'the best version of you'!

I am going to do this tutorial with step by step foto images, I hope you enjoy it!!

THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO MAKE!!! So let's get going! Have fun and be brave!

STEP 1: I used 400g acrylic paper, stuck some washi tape on, a tag and some tissue paper for texture....using clear gesso. I covered the whole page with clear gesso to give it a bit of "tooth"

Make sure you dry this layer very well with a heat tool of choice

I took 3 Americana teal colors and first worked it into my page using a sponge stick and afterwards with a palet knife.

I drew a very basic image with a gelly roll black pen (you all CAN draw this)

Still using my 'black gelly roll pen'...I wrote my first thoughts that came to mind on the page. ( I always use to play this game with my sister in our garden, picking the leaves from the flowers saying....he loves me, he loves me not)

The next step is to add some color. I am using white and yellow for the flower and I did try to keep it a bit messy and loose....( don't forget to add some messy splashes of color.)

Now for the posca acrylic pens....fill the heart of the flower with white dots and add green to the stem ( you could just use paint for this)

Now, using a home made glue gun stencil, spray some dylusions ink onto your page. The ink always seeps through the colors that go on top of I don't usually use it in the center of my page. Remember to put and old towel under your page while spraying.

Now using this funky balzer designs stencil....I am going to sponge my colors onto my page, first using black, then moving it slightly to the side ...and then adding white. ( see how the orange of the dylusions spray, seeps up through the white)

With some distress stain I create vague dots behind my flower.

With versafine ink and a home made leaf stamp, I stamp some leaf patterns.

I bought these lovely 'idea-ology" by im Holz and stuck one word onto every flower leaf.

Still using my versafine ink.....I add some shading. I now go back to my page and using my white posca marker, I add the text agin and add white to the leaves. I added a bit more yellow too.

Okay....I forgot to take 1 photograph! I added 3 dots of hot pink/orange on each side with my fingers and did the same around the center of the flower. It still was a bit to 'sterile'for my taste, so with my finger I just randomly added some color. Then....the final step: take a Stabilo all pencil and draw around your(still) wet dots and around the heart of your flower...and a bit of the inner flower leaves. Take a spray bottel and while holding it vertically, spray it with water....and watch magic happen! You are now finished!


Don't forget to leave me a note, to tell me what you think about it.



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