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Andy Skinner BOLD & BRIGHT challenge

Just because I love bold and bright colors...I decided to take part in Andy Skinners BOLD AND BRIGHT challenge this month....This mEANS YOU ALL GET ANOTHER FREE TUTORIAL FROM me this month!

Let's get started!

I am using a 10 x 10 x2cm wooden block for this project.

I use old music paper and collage paper (in black and white) as base...I adhere it to the wooden block using matt medium.

It should look something like this now

NOW, take a few media misters and just spray some color randomly onto your collage

Use a black pencil to draw in some bold tulips, don't be to dainty.

Now add some Indian Turquoise in blocks to add an abstarct effect.

Using your ink from your turquoise shimmer mister, paint some darks in on the right hand side

Now mix a bit of inteference turquoise and saffron yellow and highlight your tulips

Open your media mister "yellow green" and drop some paint onto your flowers. It gives it a pop of color.

Open your white shimmer mister and use the plastic "stem" as a dip pen to draw with the white, adding more interest and texture.

Use black gesso to cover all the sides.

I USED sand texture paste through a stencil to add just gives a different texture to modeling paste....and I like the result, but you could choose an alternative.

Using "warm white" paint I paint in a few more flowers at the bottom and a few more highlights

Using 'deep midnight' add some shading just behind the flower at the front

with pink and yellow add a few pops of the yellow dots on the bottom left and pink dots on the bottom right

Now...finally finish it off by drawing in a few base lines again with a black charcoal pencil.

sign your name...and it is finished, I added some magnetic tape to the back of my block, so it can hang on my fridge...but you can seal it off and give it away as a mini painting ....or whatever you like! xx

Thank you for dropping by and seeing me create.




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