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"Something fishy" with DecoArts & The Crafters workshop promised, I have a very cool step by step tutorial for you all. As a DecoArts helping artist and member of The Crafters Workshop design team, it is no surprise that I am working with their products.

So, what are we waiting for, let's get started.

I am using 300grams canson acrylic paper that I taped to my craft sheet with masking tape on the sides. To start I am priming my page with black Americana craft paint/ black gesso will be even better, but mine was out of reach at the time.

I used some fiber glass tape(you find it at a building supply store) to add a bit of texture.

I added Media Crackle paste on the left hand side of my page and let it air dry for a while.....not for to long, just until the cracks were large enough, then I used a heattool to dry it and it prevents the cracks from getting much bigger.

With some Media antiquing cream I added some color . (give the antuiqing cream a try, it is great!)

I started adding some Americana bahama blue paint with a dabber to my page.

I added a second color - the media fluid acrylic: "cobalt teal hue"

Now for the WOW effect, I added DecoArts "Dazzling Metallics-champagne gold"....this is an AMAZING paint!

Use a stabilo all pencil to add a outline of a fish to your page.

Create some metallic colours to use on your fish by mixing your fluid acrylics with some of your dazzling Metallic gold paint. It gives a extremely high shine!

Mix tiny glass beads with your Media matte medium and spread it over some of the background, once it dries, the gel will dry up clear and you will only see the little glass beads.

Paint some 'bubbles' with your fingers and when they dry, add highlights with a white paint marker.

Use The Crafters workshop "fish scales" stencil (TCW253s) and a paint dabber to apply pattern to your fish.

I first applied a layer of black DecoArts Americana paint, mixed with my dazzling matallic gold. I mixed some white with the gold.

I move my stencil a half a centimeter to the right and applied my "white mixture" with a gives more dimension.

Using white modeling paste(DecoArts Media) and The Crafters Workshop stencil : "the story" (TCW507s), I added some texture to my page.

I decided to add some writing/journaling above my fish and as it needed a bit more colour, I mixed some yellow and brown with the dazzling gold and added that to my fish and the background.

If you look carefully, you can see that I have added some linework and highlights with a white paint marker to my artwork.

Remove your painting from your craftsheet by pulling off the masking tape.

This is it ! Your fish is almost can now add some liquid glass over the bubbles and the eyes...but, I have not got round to doing it , you will just have to make do with it as is!

I do have a few close up-s. Please, if you give this project a try, don't hesitate to show me, I love seeing what you all create.



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