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The month May with ART BY MARLENE

Hi there you all!

As a member of The Crafter's Workshop design team and a DecoArts helping artist ....I created a journal spread with those elements! To see the latest step-by-step photo tutorial that I created for The Crafter's here

There is alot of exciting things happening here..... Yesterday I started with my newest course "Art Journaling with water soluble techniques". This is a course where I show and discuss all the properties of water soluble supplies, not just water color paint, but inks, pens, pencils, spray and lots more. I show you how to mix your colours, do different resist techniques and how to create texture. I have 3 groups following this course of 10 lessons and after the holidays (SEPTEMBER 2016) I will start with a new mixed media art journaling course again.

This is an example of how I use watercolour markers on watercolour paper....I used only 3 colours and a black fineliner and a waterbrush. It just shows that you DO NOT NEED so many art supplies to make something that you are sattisfied with.

While preparing my new courses that all start this week, I also had some time free....and I was very happy to be invited to teach a couple of workshops again.

A taught two workshops "art journaling collage layering technique" at t' Scrap Ateleetje, Anna Paulowna, Holland.

The ladies had such a blast and the results were lovely! I also taught an "OWL: ink on canvas" workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It was a gorgeous day, as it was the first warm day of the year in Holland! Jippee!

These are the results!

I have also been working with my new DecoArts MEDIA products. I love how vibrant they are and they work on a multitude of substrates.

I have used them on wood and the results are more than fantastic. These colours are so vibrant!

This is the end result of my painting on wood....but on paper these paints are just as lovely.

I used them on a base of collage papers, primed with gesso...and this was the result. I can't wait to try out more MEDIA supplies! I mean, I know we all don't have to have all the art supplies, but art supplies makes me so happy and (I found the next image on internet) if I believe this might just keep my kids safe in the future. Whahahahahah!

Art supplies is a hot issue with most artists and crafters, especially mixed-media artists as we have so many different supplies. Not only are the costs of these products high, but we have to store all of the supplies without cluttering and without loosing track of the supplies we have. I recently finished my studio is small, but more than adequate for personal use.

Please don't forget to drop by the Crafter's Workshop blog and leave a comment and for those of you that have not registered on my site, please do so!

I will be planning some new workshops and will be posting those soon.

Kind regards friends,


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