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Hallo my lovelies,

It is almost December and I am so happy..... WHY? Oh....because I have a lovely giveaway to share with you all.

In the December issue of the new MixedUP Magazine(the new online mixed media magazine) I am sharing an exciting foam stamping technique with you, for ARTFOAMIES. If you are a subscriber, you will also receive a 10% discount code on artfoamies! How cool is that, right?

To qualify for the giveaway: you need to subscribe to my website and leave me a message, answering the following question:

"What medium do I use to stamp with, in the Mixed Up magazine video tutorial, to create a resist?"

What can you win?

You stand a chance of winning a set of my NEW CACTUS ARTFOAMIES!! Winner will be announced on 20 December!

My Fabulous Art Journaling students has also created amazing Artjournal covers and Journal spreads with some of my Artfoamie designs. These woman inspire me so much with their originality! Here is just a few examples. (I am so sorry that I could not place all)

Made by Marianne Schilstra

Made by Greet Vlugt

made by Esther Bloch

made by Esther Bloch

made by Lia van der Molen

made by Regine van der Zee

Made by Lia van der Molen

Made by Yvonne van Hoof

Made by Ellen Boots

made by Esther Kroon

made by Simone Hagendoorn

Made by Sandie McCulloch

Made by Marian Leek

I do hope you will look into the Mixed Up magazine and the lovely ARTFOAMIES!

Lots of love from Holland

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