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Happy memories of summer flowers

I have not posted a blogpost in ages, but as most of my new years resolutions go...they need some time to start up. I have made loads and loads of art and have been busy with some "on the background" projects for a while. Before I share the FREE STEP BY STEP PHOTO TUTORIAL with you....I will tell you about my projects.

My projects?


Well...I have been stamp making alot lately and designing of course and I really want to get my stamp designs in with a cool company ....and I am looking for the right fit to come along, there has been some excitement and some dissapointments down that road, but I am as driven as always and I believe that will lead me on the right path.


Currently I am teaching 4 classes a week, 3 of those are art journaling classes in Anna Paulowna and Alkmaar and 1 is a playfull painting class. This is the one thing that just keeps me going, I have met the most inspiring and amazing woman during my classes and I hope to meet many more of these artistic, caring and vibrant woman on my journey. I try and teach at least 2 workshops each month, like this mixed media flamingo workshop that I tought this past weekend. Currently I am also teaching in LOVE ART HAPPY LIFE - an artistic e- course :


End of last year I started designing stencils for and this has proven to be something that I really love to do....stencils are something that we use daily in art journaling and mixed media work and to me it is alot of fun putting my original ideas on paper and seeing what others create with that template!


In the last 2 years a major shift has taken place in my art. Where I use to work as an artist , mostly on commission and exhibiting everywhere.....I have now started creating smaller work, for the sake of sharing and teaching and experimenting with techniques...the ambition to sell art has fallen off my shoulders as a heavy load, for the first time in years I am creating from , art journaling, illustration, design work, mixed media........straight from the heart. I am lucky enough that there is still a good market for what I create I am still selling.


Well, today my goal is one thing and that is to share a free inspirational tutorial with you...with some step by step photos and instructions. Don't worry to much if you have the exact materials or colors, just make do with what you have and don't forget to share the results with me when you finish!


This is what we are going to make together:

Firstly, I created a textured background page on 400g/m acrylic paper, using the paints on the photo, the stencils, a make up sponge and a brayer.

I drew out some circles(flowers) using a stencil and a pencil...don't forget to draw in some stems for your flowers(double line)

For the next step use translucent paint or ink or dilute your paint with acrylic medium, paint all the negative space with some warm tones.

Now take your stabilo all pencil or any other kind of dark watersoluble pencil and create some definition around your flowers, don't forget to activate your pencil with water.

Now use a white acrylic marker to add some linework and highlights

In this step I added some linework with a black acrylic marker , as well as some text that kind of doubles as flower petals. I added some shading with walnut distress ink along the sides with a dabber and I found some stickers in my stash that I thought would look good on this page. I highlighted the words with a white paintmarker and added additional text.

Finally I added some white paint splatters to finish it off.

Finally ... we end up with this! I say: Go for it! Have fun and be brave!

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